I’m Mehrdad and this page is specifically for myself. Nothing special will be found here This is the place to access my contact information. Also, I’ll inform you about any upcoming events through these words in here.

What I Do

It’s really a difficult question… because I myself don’t even know. In other words, I like to take responsibility for technical issues of any online web-based project by using payment methods that is about money. Also, I’d love to spend my time on these kind of startup to learn new things.


Who I Am

You know my name. so, I’ve been working in the field of web programming for a few years. I love startup and teamwork. I’d like to learn new things in the field of Linux and open source systems. Also, I love mountain climbing and much more than that, Music. But you know that all of these things are supposed to remind you someone special(Sahba).


My experiences

I’ve done too many different jobs. Now it’s for about 8 years that I’ve been involved in such businesses which I’ve been working on them with love and passion. you can see Here what I’ve been working on recently.


I’d really love to get acquainted with new people in my field. If you have anything to say in online business world, contact me right now. You can use all the ways down here. Basically I’m not tough about it.

Or email (HI!)

mehrdad.aziziyan [at] gmail.com

amordadi [at] outlook.com

info [at] amordadi.ir